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concept + design

2010 Calendar

Typographic 20" x 30" spot color poster

Capella Facebook Concept Illustration

Illustration for a Facebook concept pitch to Capella University

Carolinas Healthcare OLA

Concept and design direction pitch for an OLA campaign. These ideas broke out of the mold of using traditional photography and replaced it with a graphic style, further communicating the message.

Consumers Energy Facebook Illustrations

Social illustrations for Consumers Energy's Facebook page


Concept development for a Facebook tab promoting sardines

The Gift Decoder

Concept for a mobile app promoting Lowe Campbell Ewald's digital presence while injecting humor

FSA Twitter background

Art direction for FSA's Twitter page

KP Pandora Skin

Art direction for Kaiser Permanente's Pandora page

Find Your Reason

Concept development and design direction for an OLA piece for Kaiser Permanente

Flight School

Concept development, design and animation direction for an iPhone game for the U.S. Navy. Entered into the 2012 D Show in Detroit.

X Games Masthead

Art direction for the the U.S. Navy, who was one of the promoters of the X Games in 2012

Owens Corning website refresh

Responsive design concept for Owens Corning's website. The idea was to create a more masculine look using a darker color palette, illustrated icons, and bolder typography.

Paul Meme

Concept, design, and copywriting for a meme microsite promoting Copywriter Paul


20" x 30" poster for a conference on urban sprawl. First place winner in the design category at the Grand Rapids Creative Smackdown in 2007.


20" x 30" poster for the 2009 Traverse City Film Festival

T Shirt

Apparel design concept submitted to Threadless

Uncle Sam

Poster design submission for TurboTax

U of M Pandora skin

Pandora skin design pitch for the University of Michigan


T shirt designs for Undivided. Previously stocked at DSE Grand.

USAA retirement guide cover design

Design idea for the cover of USAA's retirement guide


Personal project done with After Effects

The Tattooed Man

Concept development, art direction, design, and post production. This short clip is a prelude to what Shaun's response would be once Chicken of the Sea hits a certain number of Facebook fans.


Personal project done with After Effects

Cadillac OLA

Flash animation concept for Cadillac

Gas Safety

Art direction, design, and Flash animation for Consumers Energy

Dow masthead animation

Flash animation for Dow's website

Club Metro OLA

Flash animation for Motor City Casino

USAA - Radar

Art direction and animation for USAA

Navy Battleship Takevoer

Art direction and development.
This website takeover was hosted on in conjunction with the movie in the Spring of 2012.

Veteran's Day Masthead

Art direction for the Veteran's Day masthead

U of M Pandora skin

Pandora skin design for the University of Michigan. This chosen concept went live on Pandora in the summer of 2013.

Cadillac Spring Event

Flash animation for Cadillac's Spring Event OLA

Celebrity Mail

Pitch idea for American Greetings

Going Up

Print ad concept for Capella University

Located in Detroit Michigan,
I'm an art director that loves to create things that are memorable and meaningful. From posters to digital concepts, no project is too small and no idea is too big. I am always open for creative opportunities to help you promote your passion. Good folks that I've worked with include the Traverse City Film Festival, Lowe Cambell Ewald, the VG Kids, DSE Grand, and the Zeitgeist.